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    The SRC is the first point of contact for students, and, as its name implies, has the role of representing all Adelaide University students directly. The SRC has regular events and campaigns out on the grounds of the University, where students have an opportunity to make queries, suggestions or complaints to the office bearers and general councillors. All students are also welcome at the fortnightly SRC meetings. Charged with taking student perspectives to university bigwigs, SRC members sit on many important and established university committees. Often dubbed the ‘activist’ arm of the AUU, the SRC also makes it a priority to lobby for improved student services to the University, to the government and to other relevant sectors. The SRC has had great success in achieving these improvements, as is exemplified by the Fix Student Kitchen Lounge established in 2010. The SRC has also held many exciting and successful events and campaigns in the past. The SRC is also just a great starting place if you’re wondering about where to find someone/something somewhere in the University. Find us on Level 3 of the George Murray Building (enter through Fix Student Kitchen Lounge). We encourage you to contact our office bearers at the email addresses below. If you don’t know who to contact, just email the President.


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