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    If you have a bookkeeping course certificate IV-FNS40215, there is currently a growing number of job opportunities available to you throughout Australia. The largest demand for bookkeepers and junior accounting staff is currently located in Victoria and New South Wales but, openings are also on the increase throughout the rest of the country. With so many employment opportunities available to you with a bookkeeping course certificate IV-FNS40215, you can afford to spend a little more time checking out different potential employers and what benefits they are offering. With a bookkeeping qualification, there are plenty of jobs that offer a reasonable starting wage but, if you will be working 50+ hours per week in a stressful environment, you will soon find that your work – life balance is very ‘one – sided’. How to pick an ‘easy’ job. When I say ‘easy’, I don’t mean that anyone is going to pay you to play solitaire on your work pc for 30 hours a week. What I mean is a job working for a business or company who, at least tries to help their staff to be as efficient and happy as possible. When you are looking at a business or company to apply to for a job, check out what they are offering in the way of improving the work / life balance of their employees. Most businesses today know the importance of making sure their staff are not over-worked and that they have enough recreation, social and family time. Many employers now offer their staff the option to have flexible work week hours, choose your own start / finish times, supplemented maternity / paternity leave, reduced Friday hours and reduced week hours during quiet times of the year, amongst other benefits. You might think that the best places to try would be large national or multi-national companies, because, surely, they would be at the cutting edge of productivity but, the companies most likely to offer this kind of working environment are small[ish], family run businesses, especially those looking to expand. These businesses are more likely to have a vested interest in their employees’ wellbeing due to the personal relationships that develop between all levels of staff, supervisors, management and owners. This happens because of the more face-to-face nature of the business as opposed to the more corporate environment of big companies. So, whether you are going to use your certificate IV-FNS40215 in bookkeeping to get a job as a clerk, payroll officer, admin team leader, accounting support or a bookkeeper, make sure the potential employer is offering the right benefits that will give you a great work / life balance.


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